Are Collagen Supplements Worth Taking?

Are you noticing some wrinkles and fine lines on your face? These are the effects of aging, and they deprive you of your youthful appearance. When this stage comes, you can do anything to ensure your skin looks young, including taking supplements. Some of the supplements you can consume are collagen supplements that exist in many forms and give your skin a youthful look. Besides that, they provide your body with proteins, improves your gut health, and relieve joint inflammation.

Collagen can help you appear young and solves any aging-related conditions, including wrinkles. However, before starting to consume it, it is essential to know its components and its benefits. Let’s find out whether collagen supplements are worth taking.

Understanding What Collagen Is

Collagen refers to a natural protein found in your body. It is a major building block of the skin, muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. It is also a major component in your other parts, including corneas, blood vessels, and teeth. Collagen plays the role of holding your body together. As you continue aging, the ability of your body to produce collagen reduces. Exposure to environmental factors such as UV rays and smoking also affects your collagen production rate.

Collagen in your body exists in about 16 types. Type I, II, and III make up around 90% of collagen present in the body. Type III is mainly found in your joints, while I and II are found in your bones, skin, and ligaments. Reduction or lack of collagen in your skin makes your skin loose, and you tend to age prematurely. So, collagen supplements aim to fix the issue of loose skin.

Advantages of Collagen Supplements

There are two types of collagen supplements: gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen. When collagen is cooked, you obtain gelatin. However, most of the conventional supplements are hydrolyzed. This means that they are broken down, making it easy for the body to utilize them. Collagen supplements are safe for consumption and have many benefits, which include the following.

Soothing Joint Pain

Collagen supplements are scientifically proven to help in joint pain alleviation. This is because collagen helps the cartilages (tissues that offer protection to your joints) to function and remain full. As you age, your cartilages may deteriorate, leading to an increased risk of joint disorders such as arthritis.

Collagen also helps in the reduction of pain if you already have osteoarthritis. It also improves the disease’s symptoms and prevents you from suffering this condition. The introduction of synthetic collagen causes an increase in natural collagen production in your body. It helps in alleviating pain and joints inflammation.

Promoting Healthy Skin

Several factors result in reduced production of natural collagen, including UV exposure, aging, and smoking. To combat the effects of less collagen and keep your skin elastic and healthy, take a regular dose of collagen powder. Collagen supplement is scientifically proven to minimize wrinkles and skin dryness. One study showed that individuals who consumed collagen powder for eight weeks had increased skin elasticity.

Improving Hair Growth and Nail Strength

Are you experiencing wiry hair and brittle nails? The collagen supplements help in the restoration of their strength. It is important to know that collagen is a nails and hair building block. However, this benefit does not have enough proof to support it, but it’s worth trying.

Preventing Bone Loss

Since bones have high collagen levels, supplementing them with collagen helps keep them strong and healthy. Aging may cause natural bone loss, increasing the possibility of a fracture and issues like osteoporosis. Consumption of collagen supplements prevents the breakdown of the bones regardless of age. More research is still ongoing to prove the role of collagen supplements in promoting bone health.

Ways of Increasing the Level of Collagen in Your Body

If you have noticed a reduction of collagen in your body through loose and wrinkled skin, you can alleviate the collagen level in various ways. The first technique is the consumption of collagen supplements. The supplements are made from connective animal tissues, and they exist in the form of a powder. To consume this product, mix it in a cup of coffee, smoothie, and other beverage drinks. You alleviate collagen levels every day by putting the powder into your drink.

You can also increase collagen levels in your body by taking bone broth if you have dietary restrictions. This broth has a bioavailable type of collagen that is useful to the body.

Another supplement you can use to boost collagen levels is chlorella. Chlorella is obtained from algae, and it is safe for vegetarians. The results for this supplement are not quickly noticeable. This is because it does not offer your body synthetic collagen but uses the growth factor of chlorella to boost the natural production of chlorella.

Retinol cream is also another product worth trying. It contains high levels of antioxidant vitamin A. Retinol also increases collagen creation by turning on the cells that produce the collagen. To see notable results, you will require to use it for an extended period.

Collagen Supplements are a Great Addition to the Daily Diet

In case you look into the mirror and see some aging signs that you don’t like, you can reduce them by taking collagen supplements. These supplements may also boost your general health. You will enjoy effective and impressive results by adding collagen to your drinks every day.

If these supplements sound like what you are looking for, you can give them a try. It is also important to perform your research and know whether you truly want to incorporate them into your diet. Just search for collagen products on the Internet and compare them to come up with the best choice.

Finally, collagen supplement is a great solution to any skin condition, hair loss, and thinning. When consuming it, ensure you take the correct dosage. In case of any abnormal symptoms, contact your doctor.

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