Purchase Online Contact Lenses To Enjoy A Plethora Of Savings

For those of you that have been relying on contact lenses for many years, you know they can be quite expensive to purchase. Traditionally, there weren’t many options for getting cheaper contact lenses. You simply had to switch optometrists and hope that the next one would offer you cheaper contact lenses than your previous one. However, times are changing and technology is allowing consumers to enjoy contact lenses for cheaper than ever before.

Instead of purchasing contact lenses directly through your optometrist’s office, you can save yourself some money by purchasing contact lenses online. A quick search for contact lenses on your favorite search engine can reveal many options. If you’ve never bought contact lenses online, there are many reasons that you should really consider starting.

Free Trial Offers

When it comes to something as important as your contact lenses and your ability to see, you don’t want to mess around. One great benefit of purchasing contact lenses online is that many retailers offer free trials. This will allow you to try out the different contact lens brands for free to see if they work to enhance your vision. Some of the most popular brands that offer free contact lens trials include CooperVision, Dailies, Air Optix, Bausch + Lomb, and Acuvue. It’s always a good idea to consider getting a free trial of any contact lens that you’re thinking of purchasing just to ensure that you get a reliable product that doesn’t irritate your eyes.

They’re Much Cheaper

Just like purchasing many products online, they tend to be cheaper than going to your local retailers. It’s not uncommon for a person to pay around $250 a year for their contact lenses. It’s important to remember that this is just the cost of the contact lenses. It doesn’t include the cost of storing them or the solutions that you’ll need to use them. This can be a good chunk of change for any person.

When you opt for buying your contact lenses online, you can save money in a multitude of ways. With online retailers, you can take advantage of various incentives like promo codes, free shipping, seasonal sales, and bulk order discounts. Another major advantage to ordering your contact lenses online is that you can compare different brands and their rates so that you can opt for a brand that fits within your personal budget.

Easy Ordering

Having to schedule a yearly visit with your optometrist can get daunting. Whenever you run out of contact lenses, you’ll have to call them up to get a new prescription to order your lenses. When you opt for purchasing your contact lenses online, you don’t have to worry about going anywhere. You can simply use your smartphone or computer to place your order online within minutes. You’ll get up-to-date information about the shipping of your product, and it will be delivered directly to your front door or mailbox.

You’ll never even have to leave the house to enjoy your next pair of contact lenses. Most online contact lens retailers will ship out your contacts within one short week or less. This tends to be a lot quicker than going through a traditional optometrist office. This truly makes ordering online contact lenses so convenient for consumers.

Online Eye Exams

Another benefit that we want to touch on in regards to ordering contact lenses online is that these retailers offer online eye exams. They allow you to meet with a licensed optometrist via video chat and take the necessary exams to determine your eye prescription. These exams are covered by most regular insurance companies, just like your traditional optometrist visits have been. You’ll literally never have to worry about going back to your optometrist’s office again because you can easily enjoy all the conveniences that online contact lens retailers offer.

Top Online Contact Lense Retailers

When it comes to purchasing your contact lenses online, you’ll have many options. It’s never a good idea to settle for the first place that you find in the search engines offering contact lenses. While some websites offer cheap contacts, they don’t offer easy ordering, big savings, or large collections that some of the better retailers do. To help you sort the good from the bad, we’re going to reveal some of the best online contact lens retailers that you should be dealing with.


LensDirect is one of the oldest online retailers for contact lenses. They currently offer 18 various brands of contact lenses so that consumers have options. You can enjoy benefits like online eye exams and live support chat when visiting this website. Most of their orders will ship to you within five business days, and they even offer bulk discount pricing so that you can save some green while ordering your contact lenses. You also enjoy automatic refills with LensDirect.


One of the most widely marketed online contact lens retailers is 1-800 Contacts. This website offers a significant variety of contact lens brands with over 40 different brands in stock. You’ll have trouble finding another website that offers this amount of contact lens brands. Apart from offering contact lenses, 1-800 Contacts also offers online eye exams, automatic refills, and prescriptions. You’ll enjoy a price match guarantee and a multitude of promo code discounts when using this online retailer.


Another online contact lens retailer that stands up to the hype is Coastal. This website offers a selection of 33 different brands and allows for bulk ordering discounts. When it comes to affordability, Coastal sets the bar. This website also offers a price match guarantee so that you can ensure that you’re not spending more on contact lenses than you need to.

If you’re in need of contact lenses, then is time to get online and do a little searching. Be sure to check out all three of these retailers as they are backed by thousands of consumer reviews. You no longer need to worry about dealing with your optometrist’s office to get your next appointment for contact lenses. With any one of these online retailers, you can set up an automatic refill service at a discounted price so that you never run out of contact lenses again.

As always, be mindful of where you’re ordering products online, especially when you’re going to be using them for your sensitive vision. Always take advantage of the free trial offers to ensure that you’re getting a contact lens that fits your eyes and doesn’t cause any side effects. With so many benefits to online contact lens retailers, there’s really no reason to skip over ordering your contact lens online.

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