Online Checking Accounts and Cash Bonuses

Have you ever considered changing banks? Now if the time to do some research because banks are offering amazing cash bonuses to attract new customers to open online checking accounts. For the banking industry, the competition for new customers is fierce. At any given time, there are millions of people looking for a bank to call home. You see, banks have an agenda that goes well beyond you opening a bank account with them. If they can get your bank account, maybe you’ll eventually need a home loan, car loan, or even a credit card. That’s where the money is for them.

It’s important for you to understand the banking industry has changed in recent years. The importance of a physical bank has given way to online banking. With so many customers now doing their banking online, banks are saving money, money they are willing to pass onto new customers in the form of rewards.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the offers that are out there these days.

1. Chase Total Checking

This might well be the simplest, most lucrative offer out there today. According to the Chase total checking offer, you can get $200 in cash deposited in your account within 10 business days of compliance with the bank’s terms. What are the terms? All you have to do is open a checking account, deposit at least $25, set up a direct deposit within 60 days, and you are good to go for your incentive. See what a little research can do for you?

2. Citibank Checking/Savings Account Package

This is a really lucrative offer if you have a bit of cash and don’t need access to it right away. Here is what Citibank is offering through its checking/savings account package. All you have to do is open up both accounts in the package and deposit $15,000 within 30 days. If you do that, you will receive a bonus reward of $400. If you were to leave that money in the bank for 60 days, plus have a direct deposit hit one of the two accounts for two months in a row, you will get an additional bonus of $100. That’s a total bonus of $500.

3. Chase Savings

With near-zero interest on savings accounts, banks like to see customers open savings accounts and make big deposits. To that end, Chase bank is offering a promotion geared towards savers like you. If you sign up (in person or online) and make a deposit of $10,000, they will immediately credit your account for $150 for doing so. Of course, the account does come some with other requirements. For instance, you have to maintain a minimum account balance of $300 for an entire month to avoid getting hit with a $5 service charge. You will also get very little in interest earnings due to the near-zero interest rates. As you research bank deals, you will see that Chase is one of the easier banks with which to deal.

4. HSBC Premier Checking

If you are a wealthier individual or have a substantial amount of money set aside, the HSBC Premier Checking promo might be of interest to you. To get a whopping $750 bonus, all you have to do is open the checking account and make a $100,000 deposit into any HSBC account within 30 days of opening the new checking account. You can make that deposit into a savings or investment account and still qualify for the bonus. Research shows that this is the most lucrative offer on the internet in terms of actual bonus money being rewarded.

5. 3. Discover Cashback Checking

Yes, the company that brought you the Discover credit card does have a bank. If you open an account at the bank, they are offering a 1% rebate on everything you purchase with your Discover debit card. The amount you can get back in rebates is capped at $3,000 a month or $36,000 per year. Also, the rebate goes right back into your checking account as cash. This is by far the easiest, most efficient of the current banking offers. Do your research and see if you can find an easier one.

Advantages of Online Banking

Make no mistake about it, online banking is the reason banks can afford to be so generous with customers. Free money is certainly a good thing. Of course, you get other great benefits from banking online. That includes not having to stand in line at the bank when you want to transact business.

If you want to take advantage of what the banks have to offer, start your search today and find an offer that makes sense for you.

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