3 Affordable Meal Delivery Services to Try

Meal delivery services have been on the rise in the past few years. The pandemic has pushed them to new heights of popularity. They make the prospect of home cooking easier by delivering recipes and ingredients right to your door. But are they worth it?

There are a lot of options out there, so do a quick search to see which meal delivery service works best for you. They can vary based upon diet, cuisine, location, and price. Compared to the time and effort it takes to go to the store and plan meals every day, these services can deliver cooking instructions, fresh ingredients, and sometimes even pre-portioned meals.

Make Cooking Easier by Trying a Meal Delivery Service

During the long period of stay-at-home orders and restaurant shutdowns, it’s been understandable that many people are sick of cooking for themselves. It can be tedious to keep making the same recipes over and over due to a lack of time, or sometimes imagination.

Give a meal delivery service a try to take the stress of decision making out of your already busy life. It’s simple to do, and these services are designed to make it easy and accessible to pull together a tasty and healthy meal that is within your budget.

Most importantly, these meal delivery services can make it easier to eat healthy, building good habits. If you found yourself eating too much takeout or delivery and want to control your diet, these meal kits are a great solution. Foods that are good for you show up right at your door when you decide, whether it be five days a week or five times a month. Best of all, they can cost as little as $10 per serving.

Due to the competitive market and flurry of new services popping up, it’s also easier than ever to find good deals. You can search online for intro pricing, discounts, and seasonal deals that are released to entice new or returning customers. For many companies, new subscribers can receive as much as $80 off the cost of your initial delivery, a win for the customer, and a win for the company.

Though there are multiple options out there – and you can search to see just how many there are – here are three meal delivery services that are surprisingly cheap, given their quality.


HelloFresh is one of the most affordable delivery services, making it one of the most popular as well. There is no commitment required to start receiving satisfying meal kits. You set your schedule, letting you skip weeks or change the days you receive your meals. Best of all, you can cancel at any time. They have an excellent variety of meals and recipes, making it one of the best options for diverse and interesting meals.

HelloFresh makes it easy to have your meals delivered to your door as often as you need or want. Ingredients are pre-portioned and measured out on your behalf according to the recipe it comes with, making the cooking process straightforward and painless. You get to select with meals you want to eat from their ever-changing menu.

In terms of cost and pricing, HelloFresh meals starts at $7.49 per serving. On average, the cost of delivery for two servings, three times a week averages out to $8.99 per serving. This is regardless of which meal option you choose: meat and vegetables, low-calorie, family-friendly, or vegetables only.

HelloFresh also frequently offers promotions and special discounts for new enrollees. They have one of the highest discounts, offering $80 off as a new customer, which translates to eight free meals over your first four deliveries. On top of that, the company offers $15 off any delivery by signing up for the HelloFresh email newsletter.


Dinnerly is another one of the most affordable meal delivery services on the market. They deliver healthy meals on-demand, at just a few dollars per serving.

Dinnerly’s meal kits are crafted for those who crave homemade cooking but are trying to cut back on costly planning and preparation costs. Dinnerly lets you be in control of what days you receive your meals, and which recipes sound the best to you.

By sourcing recipes online, reducing the number of ingredients (saving you time as well), and packaging the food in no-frills containers, Dinnerly can offer low pricing. This does not mean they skimp on quality, delivering quality and fresh ingredients no matter how it is shipped.

Dinnerly meal kits start at the low price of $4.49 per meal. In comparison to the HelloFresh pricing, a two-person meal kit delivered three times a week will average $4.99 per serving.


Just as the name suggests, Freshly delivers fresh ingredients for healthy meals. It follows three simple principles: limit the sugar in ingredients, focus on healthy nutrients, and reduce the number of processed foods. All meals use whole foods, with a majority of the ingredients being natural.

Freshly also provides balanced recipes with their delivered meals. Macronutrients and micronutrients are in harmony within each dish. Freshly’s team of nutritionists, culinary scientists, and chefs are responsible for these well-balanced and researched meals.

Pricing starts at $8.99 per meal but can vary depending on the frequency of delivery. At most, the maximum you’ll pay is $12.50 per meal delivered four times a week.

If meal delivery has been something you’ve been thinking about, do a quick search to see what’s out there. There are plenty of deals and savings to be had without sacrificing quality and taste.